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yep that's right we are so confident in our premium leather belts we have your back for 100 years! This belt will not break and if it does, send it back, we'll get you another one, for free! The quality of our belts are unsurpassed..


West Leathers premium leather belt made of 100% Italian top & full grain leather,not made of Genuine Leather,Bonded Leather or bad Asian buffalo leather.and we sell them at a very reasonable price compared to the competition..

Leather 101

Full Grain Leather   -  director

Full Grain Leather Comes From The Top Layer Of The Hide Which Has ALL Of The Grain,Therefore,Full Grain.The Natural Surface Of Full Grain Leather Burnishes And Beautifies With Use.It Is The Best Leather Money Can Buy And The Only Leather Good Enough For West Leathers.

Top Grain Leather   -  marketer

Top Grain Leather Is The Second Highest Grade Because It Is Split From The Top Layer Of Blemished Hide Then Sanded And Refinished.This Is How They Get Rid Of Scars And Scrapes And Light Cow Brands.Top Grain Leather Does Not Age Nicely With Use.It Is Strong And Durable

Genuine Leather   -  manager

Genuine Leather Is The Third Grade Of Leather And Is Produced From The Layers Of Hide That Remain After The Top Is Split Off For The Better Grades.The Surface Is Usually Refinished (Spray Painted) To Resemble A Higher Grade.It Can Be Smooth Or Rough.Ever Heard Of Suede? Suede Is Tougher Than Cloth And Is Excellent For Lining,But It Is Not A Good Idea To Use It In Areas Where It Gets Stress.

Bonded Leather   -  manager

Bonded Leather Is The Dust And Shavings Of The Leather Glued And Pressed Together.It Is The PT Cruiser Of The Leather World.Pure Junk.Leftover Scraps Are Ground Together With Glue And Resurfaced In A Process Similar To Vinyl Manufacture.Bonded Leather Is Weak And Degrades Quickly With Use.Most Bibles Are Covered With This.